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Dorián Ilyés

Chief Executive Officer

Dirk Hallberg

Head of Global Finance and Quality

László Kovács

Head of Global Sales and OPEX


Headquarters: 6000 Kecskemét, Felsőcsalános 9/B.

Tax number: 14993141-2-03.

Registration number: 03-09-119209

Phone number: +36 30 349 0804



Phone number: +86 18516200779
Contact person: Qizhe Zhang

Gemba Engineering Toolbox is a business that is specialized in producing and distributing tools required for creating LEAN production. Our aim is to enable specialists managing process improvement projects to find with us each and every materials included in the Visual Management toolkit.

We have more than 15 years of experience in the field of car industry and processing industry. We know exactly what our customers need, we understand them, and we deliver ready-made solutions for them. We are proud to have hundreds of buyers all around the world who are satisfied with our high quality products and our flexible customer and delivery services.

Our mission at Gemba Engineering Toolbox is to provide a full range of services for Kaizen Teams both in Europe and in the Asian region.

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