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If you are really practical and pragmatic, I suggest that after or even instead of requesting a sample package, make a purchase of at least €200 and start using our products right away. This sum usually does not overburden budgets, yet you receive enough products to see how they work in real environments.

Sample package

Express delivery is available, products to be received a day after order placement.

If you think in bulk and have effectiveness as a priority, make a purchase of €4000 in our store, since your current supplier would charge you €1000 more. GETOOLBOX products are guaranteed to cost 25-30 percent less than those of our competitors – because we distribute products manufactured by ourselves.

We both know how important it is to maximize the employers’ working time. GETOOLBOX tapes can last up to 2-3 months, there is no need to replace them monthly. Useful work-hours are saved by ensuring that installing the tapes is not a weekly/monthly task. Keep in mind that the employers responsible for this task can produce value for the company in the time remaining on their hands.


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